Goodie Bag from Wardah Indonesia

Sunday, April 19, 2015 Karlina 2 Comments

Hi friends! Long time no blog post, right? Yeah, I don't have free time for photo taking or blog posting. So right now, I want to share to you about my last activity at my workplace. My company held a beauty class for their female staffs. So happy when I heard about that. But this is not an event report, I cannot share the details to you. The beauty class was conducted by Wardah.

But just for your information, I've got 2 (two) goodie bags in that event. How come? All female staff who attended this beauty class will get 1 goodie bag. But why I got 2? Yeah, glad to inform you that I won the make-up competition. They (Wardah) devided us to be 3 groups, then they choosed 1 person (from each group) who created the best make-up, so there were 3 winners. And I was one of them. :D 

I'm sorry I cannot share complete photo to all of you but here, I will share photo of my goodie bag to you.

For the cosmetics or make-up products, I've got :
- Moisturizer Gel
- Eye Shadow Palette
- Pinky Peach Lip Palette
- Duo Blush On
- Exclusive Lipstick in Golden Coral

Lucu banget kan ya? Di dalam note book atau buku catatan ini ada macam-macam informasi. Ada resep resep kecantikan (seperti : cara membuat milk bath, masker dll). Lalu ada juga panduan ukuran dihalaman akhir buku ini. Seru banget pokoknya dibaca sambil menulis. :)

I cannot take photo of the another goodie bag, because I've sent it to my young-brother's girlfriend. So actually I got 2 diary books, 2 travel style books, 2 catalogues and 2 small calendars. :) 

Iya, itu semua yang sebenarnya aku dapat, tapi buat apa buku, kalender dan buku-buku lainnya sampai punya dua, jadi supaya lebih manfaat, aku berikan untuk orang lain. :) Ada dapat map juga, tapi karena sudah dibawa, jadi tidak sempat difoto. Design-nya cute juga. :)

So as soon as possible, I will share review of the eye shadow, lip palette, lipstick, blush and moisturizer to you in this month. :) Happy weekend!


  1. Dian Pelangi! I love seeing her instagram feeds. ;D Congrats on winning the makeup competition! I'm so curious about this brand, hopefully you'd able to review their products soon! :D

    1. Me too .. I'm following her instagram :) She is amazing young women, success business woman and good designer :) I will try Ieyra .. ;)